Cash Offers

Let's break down an investor offer when they offer you cash to buy your home. 

So I had this client and she called me and she was so excited because an investor wanted to give her cash for her property. 

What most people don't understand is how investors actually come up with the numbers that they are going to offer you for your property. 

So investors will offer you 70% of your after repair value, minus the repairs. 

So if you have a home that's worth $200,000, an investor will give you 70% of that, which is $140,000. And then they are going to subtract down all of the repairs that it's going to take to get that home back on the market. And that number is always going to be a lot higher than what it would cost for you to actually do the work because that number is exaggerated because of course, that's their profit.

So say it takes $20,000 to get your home back to what they say is "market ready", so now your $140,000 offer just became a $120,000 offer. So you just went from a $200,000 price to a $120,000 price and that is nothing to be excited about.

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