Dealing with a Bad Agent

Let's talk about dealing with a bad agent. 

We just got finished with this transaction and this agent literally forgot the due diligence period. 

So the due diligence period was over, the client paid for his home inspection and the agent never sent over the amendment to address any concerns or repairs. 

So come Monday, after the due diligence period ended on Saturday, he calls me and says, "Hey, did you ever get the form?" I said, "You never sent it." He goes, I thought my assistant sent it. I said, no, she never sent it. He then asks, "Do you think the seller will be willing to still do the repairs? 

Absolutely not. He messed up and his client unfortunately, can either move forward with the transaction with the property in "as in condition", or they can forfeit their earnest money. 

My client is not going to pay for his mistake.

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