FHA Loan Limits Increased

Here's some trending news about FHA loans.

FHA just recently increased their loan limits. 

Before, you could only get about $460,000, now FHA has increased their loan limits to $592,000.

We recently did a video prior to this and we talked about buying multi-family housing. Now is the opportunity to buy that multi-family because now that the loan limits have increased, you can buy a larger investment property. 

Increase from Atlanta Counties - $592,250

Conventional - Up to $726,000 from $647,200
2. $929,850 from 828,700
3 $1,123,900 from $1,001,650
4. $1,396,800 from $1,244,850

If you’re looking to buy in the Metro Atlanta area, or even outside of the  Metro Atlanta area, then reach out to us, we’d love to help you! 

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