Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home with an iBuyer

So I had this client, buying a property here in Georgia but he had a house to sell in Florida. I kept telling him and giving him advice on what to do. So he went to one of theses real large iBuyers, and I kept advising him, that if you do this, there's going to be a lot of fees and things like that.

He didn't listen. I had his house appraised in Florida with a real estate group that I knew and the house came back at about $500,000.

Because he didn't understand the terms and conditions of his contract, he ended up selling that property for $360,000. He took a beating. Then he took that profit, came back to Georgia to try to buy a house, and guess what? 

He didn't have enough money to buy a house in Georgia. 

Had he not went through an iBuyer and listened to professional advice, he would have been in a much better situation.

Take away: Hire professionals when you don't know what you are doing.

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