How to Sell Your Home in Current Market Conditions

We all are aware the market is changing. We see all the doom and gloom on every news outlet out there. However what most people don't realize is we are simply going back to a normal market.

I have been in real estate 22 years and have seen several market shifts so is now is not the time to completely freak out.

Despite what people say it is very possible to sell your home in this market and here are a few tips to get this accomplished.

1. Price the home correctly! We are not in the market where you list your home and get 18 offers in 3 hours for 50K over the list price. Quite frankly that time will probably not come around for a while.  However even though that time is gone you are still selling based on the appreciation you received. So, basically if you price your home competitively you will receive the offer you need to make your transition. 

2. Hire the right agent. Hire an agent that knows the market and utilizes the home sale trifecta.  Perfect marketing, knowledge, and experience.

3. Get your home ready to sell!  This is where we shine ... (pun intended!). 🤣  Prep work makes your home sell faster so now is the time to clean out those closets, scrub those baseboards, organize those cabinets, and plant those flowers.  Make sure your home is ready to stand out from competition. 

Or ... you can call us and our team will handle it from start to finish!

Who you choose to work with matters. 

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