Red Flags in a Potential Offer

Here are some red flags in a potential offer you'll want to avoid.

When you're submitting an offer on a property, the listing agents first impression of you and your agent is based upon how the offer is presented. 

So when you're presenting an offer for property that you want to buy, you want to make sure that your agent is presenting it with all documentation in place and all addendums exhibits. 

Also make sure that you have a pre-approval letter showing that your lender is on deck so to speak. And being ready to take a phone call from a listing agent. 

If you don't have these things in place, it's a red flag for the listing agent that this might not be an easy transaction. 

Offers that come over with missing exhibits, offers that come over in pieces, offers that come over without pre-approvals and offers that come over with extremely low earnest money are a bad representation of you as a buyer.

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