When to Get a Pre-Approval?

The answer is simple. The minute you decide you are ready to make a move. 

Not getting pre-approved is the biggest mistake you can make. 

Imagine going out to buy a car and you have not spoken to any financial institution . You go to the dealership and you absolutely fall in love with this white Mercedes. Then you go to the finance office and they tell you all you the payment for the Mercedes and you gasp or they tell you all you can afford today is the Chevy. 

It's heartbreaking.

Getting pre-approved tells you what you can afford and better yet what fits in your budget. You may be able to afford the Mercedes but you know you have other plans and don't want that kind of payment.

Getting pre-approved gives you realistic expectations of what you can shop for and avoids wasting time shopping for something with a payment you don't want. 

It's quick and easy and take less than 5 minutes. Also when you find that dream home you want, you want sellers to take you seriously and without a pre-approval your chances are slim. 

Don't waste time, just get pre-approved and make your home shopping easier.

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