Why Did I Get Into Real Estate?

So how did I get into real estate?

When I was 21, me and my fiancé were going out to buy a house, so we met a real estate agent at the home.

I asked her how she got paid and she said, "we get 3% of the sale of the home." At that time the house we were buying was $100,000. So I figured, $3,000? Wow, I can do that five or six times over!

So when I found out how much real estate agents can potentially make, I didn't think about how hard it would be.

I only thought about the $3,000 from one check. So my next check, I bought a real estate course. They mailed it to me because we didn't have "on-line" at that point.

Then I mailed all of the stuff back and I got my license in about six weeks. And guess what? One of the customers from Enterprise happened to be a real estate broker with ReMax.

I kept in touch with her while I still worked at Enterprise and when I was ready to quit, I called her and went to work for ReMax.

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