Why Should You Interview Your Listing Agent?

Every real estate agent is different. 

What people don’t realize is that when you are hiring a listing agent, you are hiring someone to market your home. 

You need to make sure that that agent not only has experience but also has the finances to be able to market your property properly. 

The reason I say that is because everything that we do when we are listing a property, it comes out of our pocket. So we have to have a marketing budget upfront because we don’t get paid until the back end.

So if we don’t have any money or we don’t have a marketing budget, then we aren’t going to be able to pay for professional photography, sign installations, or drone footage. We aren’t going to be able to pay for the things that are necessary to get your property exposed to the masses. 

This is why you’ll see a lot of agents put a property on the MLS and just sit and wait for someone else to sell it. 

If you’re looking to sell in the Metro Atlanta area, or even outside of the Metro Atlanta area, then reach out to us, we’d love to help you! 

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